And Then it was Official!

In December of 2015, I applied to the Congress Bundestag Youth Exchange, or CBYX. I was so excited, I totally wanted to spend my senior year of high school studying abroad in Germany. But then, I didn’t get it. I was super sad at first, naturally! But then I realized, there were a ton of other programs to apply for!

In September of 2016, I began the application process again! I applied to CBYX, NSLI-Y, ExCEL, and YES-ABroad. I found out a bit later that I was a semi-finalist for all of the above. I interviewed for CBYX, NSLI-Y, and YES (feel free to contact me about interview tips). As of now, I have received YES and CBYX, and found out I was a semi-finalist for ExCEL. I will not interview for ExCEL, however, because I am going to go with YES abroad!

So on March 11, school let out for spring break (I was super hyped, I’ve never gotten a spring break before). My family and I decided to drive to Boulder, CO just to travel somewhere new. We saw Mt Rushmore and Crazy Horse, and then spent the night in Cheyenne, WY. That morning in Cheyenne, the thought to check my email never even crossed my mind. I bought some books at a bookstore, got coffee, and then we drove to Fort Collins. We ate Ethiopian food there, and I had WiFi and saw that the YES Facebook group was blowing up. I didn’t open my FB though, because I figured it was something else, not notifications. So then we drove to BOCO, and I started unpacking in our Airbnb. My phone was dead at this point, so I STILL didn’t check it. In the end, I didn’t check it until about 3 hours after notifications were out. I saw the FB page first, and immediately just thought “nope, I’m never checking my email.”

Of course, I just had to take a little peek…. I clicked the email app, and sat with my eyes closed for at LEAST 3 minutes. I finally worked up the nerve to peek, and I saw ” YES Abroad Finalist- Bosnia and Herzegovina.” i kinda just walked downstairs in a daze and told my parents. They started freaking out, and I kinda starting screaming and crying in excitement. It had to have been one of the most amazing moments of my life, as YES was the program I wanted the most! So yeah, I’m pretty excited about my life right now.


All I know right now is that I am leaving in mid-August, and PDO is in June. I hope to keep this blog updated before I leave and while I’m in Bosnia. I think it’ll be good A.) for people back home to keep up with me and B.) for me to look back on at a later date and reminisce, as I so love to do.

So yeah, that’s all I have right now! I look forward to what will happen in the future 🙂

– Lili

April 2017


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