Now, The Confusion Sets In.

So today, I was not expecting anything special. After lunch, I checked my phone one last time before I shut it off. I saw I had an email from NSLI-Y. I opened it, and what do you know?!??! “We are pleased to inform you that you have been selected to receive a 2017-18 NSLI-Y scholarship!” I got the Arabic year scholarship, in Rabat, Morocco.

The thought that I might get this scholarship in addition to YES never even crossed my mind, it just didn’t seem possible for some reason. Now, I have to make a decision. And I have no idea what to choose.

There are TONS of reasons that I would love to live in Bosnia, and tons that I would love to live in Rabat. I am familiar with Eastern Europe, I’ve lived there before. My dad speaks the language and he is very knowledgeable about the reason. I also love that the YES program focuses on culture, and Islam. However, Morocco would be an entirely new adventure, and a way for me to start carving my own, individual path in the world. As well, I want to study Arabic, and I want to study Northern or Western Africa. I am so evenly split, I have no idea what I will end up choosing.

I am incredibly grateful to have this opportunity. I feel like my hours and hours spent pouring over essays, and stressing over interviews has really paid off.  I know that there is no wrong choice for me, I just am scared of messing up! I have two weeks to decide, thank goodness. Inshallah, I will figure out where in the world I feel is best for me, and I will be happy next year. I will keep this blog updated once I make my decision, I just needed to rant a little about how conflicted I am!

– Lili

April 2017


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