The Choice Has Been Made

So, after a lot of careful thinking, I have decided whether I will be spending my gap year in Sarajevo or Rabat. I am going to Morocco with NSLI-Y to learn Arabic. It just feels right to me, and fits into my future better than Bosnia. I am kinda sad, because I love Eastern Europe so much. YES Abroad is such an amazing program, and I would love to be a part of it. However, I also adore the NSLI-Y program! I will be doing intense Arabic study, for an entire year! How crazy is that?!? I really feel like I will learn so much in the short 8 months that I am in Rabat.

I don’t have a ton of information,  other than that I will be leaving in September. It will be difficult to see all of my friends leaving for college while I still have two weeks to sit around and, well, not go to college. However, I’m extremely excited. This will be a freaking amazing experience for me, and I’m sure it will change my life.

As I sit here in my cold, Fargo bed, it doesn’t feel real. I’m tapping away on my laptop, thinking about how I’m working tomorrow morning before school, and how I need to finish my math worksheet some time before 1st period. I can hear my brother tinkering around in his room, and my parents watching a movie downstairs. In 6 months, my life will be completely different. All of these things that I am thinking, seeing, and hearing right now will be thousands of miles away, and just a distant reminder of the life I came from. Right now, however, I can’t even begin to imagine what my life in Morocco will be like. I suppose that only time will tell. I’ve lived abroad before, but seriously, this is a completely new experience for me.

SO, I’m super excited for the future. I can’t wait for everything. Right now, I just gotta concentrate on getting through the rest of senior year! I look forward to keeping this blog updated throughout next year.

– Lili

April 2017


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