Typical Day in a US High School

This is really more for my own sake than anyone else’s. I’m fairly certain that once I’ve been abroad for a while, I will begin to forget my daily routine in the US. So, I’m gonna write it down! I’m currently a senior in high school (only a month left!) Even when I return from Morocco, my routine will never be the same, since I’m leaving high school as well. So, if this interests you, enjoy!


5-6:30: I wake up. This really depends on the day. Some days (usually first semester), I’m up by 5 am. I do laundry, clean, do homework, etc in the morning. Some days, I work before school. I work at a coffee shop, so I have to be there by 5:30. Other days (second semester), I wake up at 6:30, with just barely enough time to get my butt out the door. I usually just throw on some random jeans and a blouse, pack my lunch, eat some breakfast, and leave.


7:05: I leave for school with my dad and brother. My dad drops me off first at my school, and then drives my brother to a different high school. Usually I go to a team center and work on homework from like 7:20 to the start of class.


8:05: 1st period, aka math class, aka my least favorite class. I am incapable of performing trig functions at 8 am. Math has just never been one of my gifts, but I’m getting through it! As of today, I only will have to sit through math class 16 more times, so that’s basically getting me through the class.


9:00: FRENCH! French is my favorite class of the day, it’s always so fun. I love grammar, which we have done a lot of this year. We’ve been focusing recently on l’imparfait, le futur simple, and le conditionnel. I am such a grammar nerd, so I love this. Also, we do a lot of culture. We’re reading Le Petit Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, we learned about Marseilles and Lyon, and talked about the Maghreb (very relevant to my life.)


9:57: Chemistry. I don’t love this class, I don’t hate it. I don’t like when we do things like KMT and more concept-based things. I actually love balancing equations, and converting from Moles to grams (which is odd, since I really don’t like math).


10:52: AP English class. This class is great. Usually, we are just reading  something and then we discuss it as a class. We’ve done a ton of poetry, and read a ton of novels. Just since January, we’ve read As I Lay Dying, Absalom, Absalom!, 1984, The Kite Runner, and Frankenstein.


11:42: Lunch, finally. I’m always super hungry at this point. Thankfully, I have lunch with my best friend. Sadly, we never really have time to talk, because we have to eat pretty quickly.


12:10: Economics class. I didn’t like this class at first, but once we started getting into things like the stock market, it got pretty interesting. It is also all lecture, which is a nice reprieve from my more discussion-based classes.


1:05: German. This class is super fun, I love German! We’ve been working a lot with the Dativ and Akkusativ cases this year, and as I mentioned earlier, I find grammar to be super fun. I always look forward to this class!


2:00: Spanish class. This class is also super fun! It’s pretty easy, because I’m in level 1 and have 5 years of French. If a word isn’t already an English cognate, it’s usually a French cognate, so I can figure it out easily (ex: dormir, venir, vivir).


2:50: Open campus. I could leave, and sometimes I do, but usually I go to the library and do my homework. I’ve noticed that I am more likely to do my homework at school than at home, there are fewer distractions.


3:45: I finally head home. On Mondays, I have Irish dance class from 5:45 to usually around 6:45-7:00.  On Tuesdays, I go to a youth group downtown after school. Basically every other day, I work from 4:30 to 6:00. I like only working until 6, because I still get an evening. My last job was usually until like 8:30, and then I had no time in the evening.


After work/ dance/ whatever I’m doing, I eat supper and go to bed! I really don’t do much on the weekdays, I’m kinda lame.


Maybe before I leave, I’ll talk a bit about what I do on the weekends. I realize people reading this probably don’t care, but I think that future Lili will thank me when I am in Rabat and want to remember my old routines (I love routines). So yeah, That’s about it!

– Lili

May 2017


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  1. paulazhang25 says:

    so amazing that you were taking 3 languages at the same time!!

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