My Walk to School

I walk about 6 miles a day and honestly, I love it! I never walk that much in the US, and it’s really refreshing. My walk to school in the morning is about 2 miles/ 40 minutes long. It’s basically my favorite part of the day, so I’m gonna write about the most memorable parts of my walk.

8h00: leave my host family’s house. Sometimes I meet Clay at the kineesa (big church/ taxi landmark in l’ocean) to walk together, but I usually walk alone.

8h05: I pass the Place de Russie tram stop, and can’t help but be a little bit happy that I’m not taking the tram! It’s always so crowded in the morning.

8h10: I exit L’Ocean and walk down Avenue Madagascar, which I believe is between Kebibat and Dior Jamaa.

8h12: I pass an intimidating man-cafe called “Les Escargots” and chuckle because that means “snails.”

8h17: I pass the really pretty Russian Orthodox church at the edge of Kebibat! It’s really beautiful, especially around sunset.

8h25: I reach lower Agdal. I have to cross a really big, scary intersection, but I also pass by a lot of kittens on this road so it’s worth it!

8h30: I start walking on Rue Fald Oumeir, the main road in Agdal. I always get really hot around now, because the sun starts shining on me.

8h33: I pass a woman cooking fresh harcha and msmen which always smells AMAZING….

8h37: I pass a little park and a huge mosque! It’s usually really crowded here .

8h43: I pass the tram stop, usually as the tram is just pulling up to the station. Sometimes I see some of my friends get off as they also head to Arabic class.

8h44: I pass Starbucks and try to resist temptation. I’m usually successful, and just treat myself to it on special occasions like Christmas!

8h45: I finally get to Arabic class feeling happy but slightly sweaty.

I love walking, and I’m gonna miss it once I’m in Fargo…. But hopefully I’ll be able to walk a lot in college next fall!




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