Hey y’all! Are you ready for the most cliche study-abroad post you’ve ever read in your life? I know I am. Seriously though, I am flying home on Monday. I don’t have the words to describe all that I am feeling right now, maybe I will try to put it all down in another post though. I want to keep this one light-hearted, and so I decided to do a list with a bunch of statistics from my year. These are all estimates, but I tried to make them as accurate as possible! I hope you enjoy 🙂

Stats from this year:

Weeks in Morocco: 36

Miles walked: 1,530

Hours spent in Arabic class: 490

Pieces of msmen eaten: 144

Languages used (almost) every day: 4

Cities visited: more than 15

Cups of mint tea drank: 765

Cafes visited: 40

Money spent on Senegalese food: 850 DH

Cat-calls received: 1,020

Times I said something back to the cat-caller: 7

Starbucks coffees purchased: 9

Sunsets watched at the ocean: 72

Unnecessary medina purchases: 26

Times I was sick: 9

Episodes of House M.D watched: 177

Episodes of “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me” listened to: 47

Hours spent Skyping my parents: 40

Sleepovers had: 4

Songs added to my “المغرب” playlist: 32

Books read: 33

Movies watched at Cafe Renaissance: 4

Average hours of sleep per night: 8.5

Host families lived with (in Rabat and on excursions): 4

Pillowcases that I bought (but didn’t need): 7….

Thank you so much for reading this! I hope that it was mildly entertaining. I’m very sad to see this journey come to an end, but I’m also ecstatic because I get to see my friends and family in less than a WEEK! Ahh!!

– ليلي


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